December 03, 2008

Spin therapy?

I've taken the next natural step as a knitter. It's been a long while but it started with figuring out: how to knit and purl then learning how to follow simple scarf and hat patterns making the jump to following a sweater pattern continuing to knit more challenging patterns starting to design small projects starting to design larger projects learn to use a hand spindle learn to use a spinning wheel I took a spindle class on Oct 25th and the beginner's wheel class on Nov 1st. What have I been doing in the past month?

Here's the first set of 'learner' yarn. The top picture shows Ashford merino in Green Tea (fingering weight, 2ply), Fleece Artist BFL (sport weight, Navajo 3ply, 12 wpi) and Ashford merino in Grape Jelly (fingering weight, 2ply). The bottom picture shows my first handspun ever done on a spindle, Coopworth spun on a Louet Julia (a pleasure to spin on), undyed BFL, Ashford Corriedale in Kiwi (worsted weight, 2ply) and Ashford Merino in Raspberry.

I've got a few projects planned for these, mostly hats because they aren't any more than 100gr each. I've spun all of these on my new Lendrum DT (thx hubs!). I love this wheel. On another note, a good friend of mind happened to give me a used Ashford Traditional (I believe from the 60s) that I intend to use. I'd like to update this with the new standard flyer with the sliding hooks, and maybe the double treadle conversion kit.. but all in due time. I'm just enjoying the learning process at the moment.

My next project? I've got another hank of Ashford merino in Spearmint spun that's drying at the moment, so I'm hoping to make Transition gloves from ShibuiKnits. I'm also planning to spin this:

I'm looking to make myself some mittens. It'll be my first go at spinning from the fold. I'd like to start blending colour projects, but I wanted more practice on technique. I was lucky enough to score a fast flyer for my Lendrum, so I'd like to try using those drive ratios soon as well. At the moment, I'm glad I've been able to spin thin singles. So far so good!

Back to spinning!


Anonymous said...

You will have to post how the hand spinning goes. I am not sure that I could even begin to attempt something like that.

Anonymous said...

Great blog!