October 26, 2008

New gear

Christmas came a bit early for me. I've been looking for an adjustable dress form for a long while now but never wanted to spend the large amount to buy one new. Sure enough I found one for the right price and my DH bought it as my Christmas gift. I put it together and used it for my recent design. Ironically, I don't have any designs at the moment to use this but I'm happy to have one.

Another design aide I've acquired is my yarn counter. It's essentially a fishing line counter. I picked it up after reading on some forums that other yarn counters out there were fishing line counters. It's in feet, which isn't an issue since I just have to divide by three. I haven't measured it out exactly, but based on the weight, it's about right. It'll help me figure how much yarn I'll need for a project. It was a lot cheaper then the commercial yarn counters out there too.

I'm also the type of person that has one or two (or three) projects with me all the time. Neurotic maybe, but I've had times wear I'd go places without a purse with me and I'm just waiting for something to start, itching to knit. I used to carry a cute tote with me that was large enough, but as totes go, never had any compartments. I'd be fishing around, looking for keys, lip balm, umbrella, and feel completely frustrated that I've emptied out my bag. The answer? My very own Namaste Laguna in Olive green. All of my everyday items have a place in it. It's really all I need in a purse and I love the fact that if the bag is more empty, that the top folds over.

I'm still working away at Christmas gifts (which explains not having any designs on the go). Seven more weeks until Christmas!!! I've started working on the Icarus shawl (that isn't pretty enough to post a picture of yet). I have completed another new beret but I'm just in the process of putting the pattern together as well as needing to take nice action shots of it.

Happy knitting!