July 30, 2008

Anyone else thinking Christmas?

I know, it's only July (and nearly August, oh my!) but I'd rather get a start on present planning than waiting until the last moment and feeling the pinch. The first WIP for this is the Noro striped scarf made popular by Jared Flood. I love how the two skeins colours transition the way they do. It keeps me wanting to knit more, just to see how the colours will transition together.. just like the entrelac (Danica) scarf I made a few months ago. *whisper* I might just keep this for myself...

This next object is my first go at doing socks. It was only a matter of time for me to try knitting socks. It was a bit tricky beginning the darn thing, but after scratching my head for a good hour, I was on my way to creating a new sock. This pattern is called Tiger eyes from the book Socks, Socks, Socks. Had this book for a couple years, glad I've been able to use it finally.

I'm glad that I've been able to post something on this blog, but I don't quite like posting about WIPs, just because I don't like how they photograph. If you just take a look at the post before this, the WIP pic of my Patti sweater is in a word... horrendous. I have been designing more, which also makes it hard to post. I'm planning to self publish a project in about two weeks, I need to get the photos just right, so far.. no such luck. On the blocking board is my star stitched scarf *finally*. I still don't like the finishing aspect of a project, even thought I'm *that* close. But I was blocking something else, so I figured... I might as well. So sounds like I'll be posting within the next month. *yay*