March 11, 2008

Feeling giddy over Mosey

I'm uber excited over the new Knitty coming out today that I'm gonna chase that feeling for the next little while. So here it is, wee toes and all:

Pattern: Mosey by Susan Power
Source: Knitty
Materials: Patons Classic Wool Merino in Natural Mix
Needles: 7 US/ 4.5 mm Denise needles

These are the other two pics that didn't make the final cut. I was lucky to have my cousin take these pictures for me. (thanks Steph!) I was outside in the front yard trying to take the pics myself but they didn't turn out nice *at all*. I capitalized on the fact that I was out west for Christmas vacation. It would have been worse if I had tried to talk outdoor pics in Toronto with all this snow that's been coming down. I picked up the plaid sneakers in Vegas (I love plaid as you might have guessed from the banner) which matched the legwarmers quite nicely.

The main reason I picked Natural mix as a colour for Mosey was that I thought it would make for better pictures in seeing the detail rather than going with something dark. I really lucked out with all the sunlight in LA. The temperature was pretty close to what it would be spring time in Toronto. I nearly didn't take the pictures there... the photo shoot happened 30 minutes before leaving for the airport. The colour also made it easier to match it with an outfit in my wardrobe. At the mo, I'm really digging deep orange colours, which is the reason I chose to use the colour Rust for my Equestrian Blazer. That's pretty close to being complete although I haven't touched it at all. It's still waiting to be blocked along with the star stitch scarf. I still need to take pictures of the Gretel beret I made for a friend, but that's all to come =)