December 21, 2007

Nearly there

TGIF for sure. So close to vacation time! I'm close to completing my previous list of things to make for Christmas.

I've finished knitting the pieces, I just have to finish up; weaving ends in/blocking/sewing buttons on. Close, but not enough to put that check mark on the list. I started knitting the Equestrian Blazer out of Interweave Knits yesterday. I finally got the yarn I ordered online although it didn't turn out as orange as I thought it would be. I still like it though and am happy with the progress I have on it so far. I've been looking to make this blazer for a long time now.

Went to another LYS last weekend, and although I really shouldn't have, I bought four skeins of Classy by Dream in Color. I couldn't resist! The owner was wearing the Imogen jacket and I wanted to make one of my very own. It'll be the next sweater I cast on after I complete this Equestrian blazer.


December 11, 2007

The little things

It's Christmas time so I've got little projects on the go. I'd love to start a sweater project but I need to finish off these three things first:

1) the Danica scarf in a not surprising choice of Paton's SWS. It's a gift that's nearly completed. The only thing left to do is to get it blocked and wrapped up.

2) I haven't casted on as of yet but I'm planning on making two sets of Saartje's booties. Not sure why I've been procrastinating with these but I think I'll get them started this weekend. Well.. I *have* to get them started this weekend.

3) The Butterfly Mobius from the Knitter's Book of Yarn (recommended). This one's for me, something that'll give me instant gratification although I'm itching to start a sweater project. Which project? Haven't decided but a couple options were the Patti cardi from Rowan Studio 1 or the Equestrian Blazer from IK. It'll happen... only a matter of time. I've never worked with this weight of yarn before but I'm quite pleased so far.