January 26, 2008

So nice, I'd like to knit it twice

My first Imogen sweater:

Pattern: Imogen sweater by Adrienne Thomas
Source: Perl Grey

Materials: Dream in Color Classy in In Vino Veritas
(less than 3.25 skeins)
Needles: 10 US/6mm Denise needles

This is, hands down, an awesome pattern. So awesome that I've bought more yarn to make another one. I'm looking to make it in Manos Del Uruguay in a teal colour. I'm still trying to get through making the Equestrian Blazer (started the left front today, with two more sleeves afterwards to go). I couldn't resist casting this one on. So I did and finished it in less than a week. The yarn was great to work with, nice and cushy. I definitely want to use it in future projects. The variegated colour worked nicely that there aren't any splotches of colour all over. It's distributed quite nicely.

I stuck to the pattern although I added some small changes. I added a selvedge on the bottom edge of the sweater. I decided to go with the invisible cast on instead of unraveling the cast on. It's the first time I've used this cast on and worked out great. No signs of uneven stitch tension. I also added two extra stitches when picking up the front stitches to hide the holes at the armpit. I nearly completed the sweater with three skeins but at the very end broke into the fourth skein to finish the collar edging.

The bottom edge kept curling so I ended up ironing the bottom half of the sweater. I dampened a piece of cloth and placed that over the knit. Worked out well, the sweater flattened to the perfect length. It was the first time I tried this technique. Normally hovering the iron above the knit worked for me but the sweater resisted.


Anonymous said...

That is soooo amazing!!! was it easy?

Anonymous said...

Awesome sweater! It looks great on you.

Ilix said...

That looks great! I love the colour choice, That is some nice looking wool! I think I will be checking out this pattern!

Susan said...

It was incredibly easy! I highly recommend this sweater because it's a quick knit, cute and cozy =)

betty said...

I like your version of the sweater. I've seen some other ones, but they look bulkier. Yours looks like it drapes. Is that a fairly lightweight worsted yarn?

Greenie said...

Awesome blog and awesome stuff! You've really gone far and beyond with the knitting in such a short time! I love the stuff! You have a good eye for colour and I can tell you're a fearless knitter.

Good on ya for starting the blog.

Looking forward to see what else you'll knit up.

Susan said...

I think it is a fairly lightweighted worsted yarn. It's definitely very smooth which makes it look and feel non bulky. It feels good knitting with and I definitely want to pick up some more for future projects. =)

catmum said...

I've been checking your comments about knitting this sweater with the lighter weight yarn. 'm encouraged, thanks. I just bought some Blue Moon Fiber Arts Peru to make this pattern, I hope to cast on today. fingers crossed

LB said...

I have enjoyed looking and reading your blog. I do some crocheting, I have tried to do a little of knitting but I have not stayed consistent. I have all these projects in my head for both and never find time...I love seeing individuals who enjoy the comfort and relaxtion knitting as well as crocheting brings.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Might have a go myself!