January 12, 2008

The little ones count too

My instant gratification project:

Pattern: Butterfly Mobius by Clara Parkes
Source: Knitter's Book of Yarn
Materials: SRK Ovation in Camel (2 skeins)
Needles: 5 US/3.75mm

No mods to report, it was simple and straight forward. This one was finished before the holidays and took maybe a week and a half to complete. I was planning to take pics of it in a warmer LA but I hadn't worn it out. I definitely like how this finished off but I'm unsure if I'll actually wear it when the warmer weather comes to Toronto.

I think it's amazing, yet slightly crazy one week there's a big ol' pile of snow that makes me try to think back when it last snowed that much and now... all the snow is gone. In the past week, the temperature in celsius has gone up to 15 degrees and for the next week, the daily highs are lingering around the zero degree.

In preparation for the winter months, I've casted on a scarf for myself. I picked up two skeins of Manos Del Uruaguay in a sumptuous colourway called Stellar. I had planned to make the "My so called Scarf" but I felt it's been done so many times. One of the things I really like about knitting your own gear was avoiding the dread of seeing someone else wear the same exact thing you are. Granted, that's going to happen and really, who really cares... it's just less likely when it's something you've made yourself. For the most part, every FO is like a snowflake. The same generic pattern may be used being used but people knit differently, make different yarn choices, make modifications! Maybe I've put too much thought into it.

Anyhoo.. here's the startings of my scarf. I started looking at stitch guides to avoid working the My so called scarf and remembered this star stitch pattern I loved from an Urban Outfitters scarf that on their site is selling as a crocheted scarf. I wouldn't have paid the amount they were asking for it, especially since it was all *cough* acrylic but it still looks lovely. I added a two stitch gartered chain selvedge to clean up the shape.

I've also come to think there should be different types of WIPs on the go. The only other project I've been working on right now is the Equestrian Blazer but it doesn't travel well because of it's complexity. I like having a project with me where ever I am so the scarf was a good choice. I could pack in my knapsack or purse even and the pattern is easy enough to remember.

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