September 11, 2008

Oh L'illo

Ain't he a cutie?

Kudos to anyone who tries to take pictures babies/mini-tots. He was a bit drooly which required some wardrobe changes and a hairdryer. After a while, I had my sister with tissues in hand to catch anything before it fell. It was tough but I managed to come out with some charmers.

Pattern: L'illo by Susan Power
Source: Knitty Fall 08
Materials: Rowan Cotton Glace (4 skeins)

I've definitely been bit by the designing bug. I've got a few designs/concepts that I want to create, just need the time to do it all. It does have it's downside that I don't have much to show on my blog. Designs have to be kept on the down low until it gets published, whether it be by wonderful knitting magazines to self publishing. I do try to keep other WIPs with me, the Noro striped scarf goes with me whereever I go (that allows me to take knitting with me).

I want to get into spinning my own yarn (non-knitters tend to laugh at me when I mention this, thinking I'm too knitting obsessed) and into sewing, although it requires a big purchase of a sewing machine that I'm not quite ready to make. I need a better camera for taking better indoor pictures and possibly a dress form first.


Jenny said...

I love this baby sweater. I can't wait to start it. Do try to get into sewing. I love how you can see results so much quicker than with knitting (although I also think it's not so stress-free).

Anonymous said...

You probably can't hear me cooing over the Internet, but that is one ridiculously cute little boy! The sweater is fantastic, too. :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Sweater looks great! I feel the same way about designing.

knitter said...

Hi Susan. I am knitting your sweater, I love the pattern--in Socks That Rock in Pirate's Booty. The slipped stitches look great in the multicolor. The pattern says that the buttonholes go on the left, but in the photo they are on the right. I am putting them on the left, but is this where they are supposed to go?

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm a novice knitter. Not sure if I can handle this one but I'm having my first grandson so I might just have to try. It's gorgeous1