June 11, 2008

Where the *blank* did May go?

I'm sure a lot of you out there are thinking, where the heck is the time going?? Bad blogger am I but I'm here to fix that. I've got three projects on the go, concentrating more on this first one.

It's my own pattern, the second pattern to go on the Knit Therapy patterns page. I've got 90% of it to go but I'm pleased so far. Feels so nice and soft.. got to resist picking up the needles until I finish this post!

I'm still working on the Patti Cardigan. The WIP unfortunately doesn't picture well.. I took a few photos and figured it can't look any more exciting than it does... it's just a flat back piece.

I really wanted to cast this on after seeing Girl Kae's version of it. Absolutely stunning, ain't it? I picked up a copy of Rowan Studio 1 in Auckland, not realizing it was available for download, but was happy too. I bought it from this lovely shop called Alterknitives. I'll be sure to stop by there again if I'm ever in that part of the world again.

The last project is this star stitch scarf which is screaming to be blocked. (yep.. just procrastinating) but there's no real urgency since it's way to hot consider wearing this beautiful colourway outside in this hot and humid weather. It'll be winter in Toronto in no time.

Kept this pretty short.. it's knit therapy time =)

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