November 22, 2007

One down, a lot more presents to go

It's that time of year again =) It's the first real snow fall of the season. I love it. Granted, everyone is driving like a crazy person out there but despite that, I absolutely love the look of snow that sits on the trees, untainted and pure.

With that said, just thinking of the Christmas shopping that needs to be done. One Christmas, I wanted to make all handmade gifts, so I managed to make scarfs and legwarmers for friends and family. That was ambitious but that won't happen for this year. Instead I really wanted to make a sweater for my husband, he's been asking for one as well so I bit the bullet and casted on. There were no surprises for him since I needed to know if it was going to fit right so he was kind enough to model them for me. I wanted to take better pics but it's packed away now and so it goes...

Pattern: Jared Flood's Cobblestone Pullover
Materials: Misti Alpaca Worsted in a dark green melange (6 skeins)
Needles: Denise US 7
Source: Interweave Knits Fall 2007
Started and Completed: Oct to Nov 2007

Project: Success. The thought of making him a sweater was quite daunting but I'm happy with the turnout. No modifications needed for this sweater. It was a straight forward quick knit. The sweater is so light and soft that I want to make something for myself with it.

I'm working on the Shopping Tunic in Twinkle's Big City knits now. I started it two days ago and I'm at the collar part. So far, so good.

Need to retake pictures of the Dollar and a Half Cardi, will post soon.

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